2017-2018 Catalog

General Education

All students graduating from CSU Dominguez Hills are required to complete 55-62 semester units in General Education, distributed as follows: (a) 12-14 semester units of Basic Skills; (b) 34-36 semester units of lower division General Education divided among Natural Sciences (10-12), Humanities (9), Social Sciences (12), and The Whole Person (3); and (c) 9 semester units of upper division Integrative Studies. In addition, all students must take one course (3 units) that addresses Cultural Pluralism (i.e. the impact of the integration of cultures) within their General Education requirements. At least 9 semester units must be earned at CSU Dominguez Hills (see separate General Education section.)

Certification of General Education Lower Division Credit

Accredited postsecondary colleges and universities offering the B.A. or B.S., or the first two years of such degree programs, may certify completion of the lower division General Education requirements according to procedures specified in CSU Executive Order 1100. An additional nine semester units of upper division General Education courses must be completed at CSU Dominguez Hills. (See "General Education" section of this catalog.)

Double Counting of General Education Courses

Lower division General Education courses may be double-counted in either the major or the minor. Up to six (6) units of upper division General Education course work may be double-counted for either the major or the minor. In the following majors only-- Liberal Studies, Clinical Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Nursing Program—nine (9) units of upper division General Education courses may be double-counted. Upper division General Education courses may be double-counted in the minor if at least 12 semester units are taken in the minor exclusive of General Education courses. Even though students may double-count certain General Education courses, they will not receive additional unit credit towards graduation by double-counting. For example, a double-counted course counts three units (not six) towards graduation.

Statutory Requirements: United States History, Constitution and American Ideals

To qualify for graduation, each student shall demonstrate knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and American history, including the study of American institutions and ideals, and the principles of state and local government established under the Constitution of the state of California.
These statutory requirements may be satisfied by completion of (POL 101) American Institutions, and (HIS 101) History of the United States, or by passing comprehensive examinations in each of these fields. Students who have fulfilled the American History and the United States Constitution and government section of the state requirements may fulfill the California state and local government section by successfully completing POL 312 or by passing a comprehensive examination. (Contact the Political Science Department, (310) 243-3434 for further information.) Students transferring from other colleges who have not already met one or more of these requirements may take examinations in those parts not met. Students transferring from other accredited institutions of collegiate grade, who have been certified by such institutions as meeting these requirements, shall not be required to take further courses or examinations therein.