2018-2019 Catalog

Catalog Rights — Requirements Under Which a Student Graduates

A student remaining in continuous attendance at CSU Dominguez Hills, at any California community college or any combination of California community colleges and campuses of The California State University, for purposes of meeting graduation requirements, may elect to meet the requirements in effect either:

  1. at the time such attendance began; or
  2. at the time of entrance to CSU Dominguez Hills; or
  3. at the time of graduation.

A student who changes his or her major or minor may be required to meet the requirements in effect at the time of the change.
Continuous attendance for students seeking an undergraduate degree or credentials is defined as matriculated enrollment in a regionally accredited college or university at least one semester (or two quarters) each calendar year. A student with a graduate degree objective must maintain continuous attendance defined as attendance in regular or special session each fall and spring semester of the academic year. Attendance in summer session is not required. Catalog rights may be maintained when you are absent through a planned educational leave. Even though degree requirements may remain constant due to catalog rights, students are required to meet the prerequisites of courses as stated in the current catalog.