2018-2019 Catalog

Assessment of Academic Preparation and Placement

The CSU requires that all entering freshmen students be evaluated in terms of their preparation to complete first-year courses in written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning. This evaluation will utilize the broadest set of multiple measures including high school grades as well as performance scores on standardized exams such as the ACT or SAT. This evaluation of academic readiness is not a condition for admission to the CSU, but it is an important step for determining the best course placement for entering students.

Successful completion of general education (GE) written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses in the first year of CSU enrollment establishes a foundation for continuous learning. Unless the requirements have been completed, freshmen shall enroll in GE written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses appropriate to each student’s major and skill level, as demonstrated by applicable systemwide standards utilized in the review of academic preparation.

Students whose skill assessments indicate academic support will be needed for successful completion of GE in written communication or mathematics/quantitative courses shall enroll in appropriate college-level, baccalaureate credit-bearing courses that strengthen skills development to facilitate achieving the appropriate general education student learning outcomes. Supportive course models may include, among others, co-requisite approaches, supplemental instruction or “stretch” formats that extend a course beyond one academic term. In these approaches, instructional content considered pre-baccalaureate may carry a maximum of one unit and shall be offered concurrently with a college-level, baccalaureate credit-bearing course