2018-2019 Catalog

Department Advisors

Faculty members in the academic departments usually serve as academic advisors for students with declared majors. Faculty advisors are available throughout the academic year, and students are urged to meet with an advisor at least once each semester in addition to any required advising sessions. Students should bring their Academic Requirement Report and transcripts of all college work when seeking advisement. In the advising sessions, the student and the advisor develop a proposed course of study for the student based on his/her interests, and educational and career objectives. Together they check the student's progress toward graduation and discuss matters relevant to the student's education.
To obtain an appointment with a departmental advisor, students should contact the appropriate department or college office. Business Administration and Public Administration majors/minors should contact the College of Business Administration and Public Policy Advising Center, SBS A-306, (310) 243-3561. College of Arts and Humanities majors/minors should contact the Arts and Humanities Student Success Center, LaCorte Hall LCH C314, (310) 243-3264. Education and Liberal Studies students should contact the College of Education Student Services Center, SCC Building 5, Room 510, (310) 243-3525. College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing (CHHSN) majors/minors should contact the CHHSN Student Services Center, WH C-300, (310) 243-2120 or (800) 344-5484. College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (CNBS) majors/minors should contact the CNBS Pre-Health and Advisement Center, LIB 5721, (310) 243-2547. The University Advisement Center advisors serve as departmental advisors for undeclared majors.