2018-2019 Catalog


Division of Kinesiology and Recreation

(310) 243-2219 or (310) 243-3757

Fun, fitness and friends, plus get college credit! The intramural program is designed to get the campus community involved with inner-campus athletic competition and fitness. DH Intramurals provides CSUDH students, faculty and staff the opportunity to stay involved in an athletic setting and participate in fitness classes. Each one unit class is offered every fall and spring semester. Create your own team or join as a "free agent." The main purpose is to have interaction with others on campus and to meet new and interesting people while enjoying the benefits of physical fitness. DH Intramural Sports has become a member of ACISF (American Collegiate Intramural Sports and Fitness) national organization. This sponsorship provides numerous prizes and gifts for all students enrolled in Intramural Sports or Fitness activities, including both "Fit" Male and Female Athletes of the Month. Classes include basketball, tennis, flag football, aqua aerobics and pool usage, soccer, volleyball, indoor soccer/futbol, softball, flyfishing, military-style fitness bootcamp, walking for health, and assisting with disabled student activities. For more information visit the website at www.csudh.edu/hhs/intramural.htm or contact George Wing, Director of Intramural Sports or Wayne Timmerman, Program Assistant.