2018-2019 Catalog

Urban Community Research Center

LIB G-521

(310) 243-3500

The Urban Community Research Center (UCRC) was established in response to the dual need for useful research in our surrounding urban communities and the need to provide "hands on" applied research experience to our students. UCRC provides a comprehensive applied research and analysis service to the Greater South Bay Region in support of the research needs of surrounding communities in partnership with community organizations and agencies. Faculty and their students conduct basic and applied research on a wide variety of urban community conditions and problems in response to the needs of communities in the Los Angeles basin. The UCRC maintains a cross-disciplinary approach to conducting research in the urban environment supported by grants and contracts, while providing students with a "real-world" (applied) research experience. Its research program is developed in cooperation with community groups and agencies.
The research program of UCRC concentrates on projects with direct application to the improvement of a range of urban community conditions and needs in our region, thereby offering faculty and students from diverse disciplines the opportunity to contribute to collaborative research endeavors applied to satisfying those needs. Faculty and students from any discipline are encouraged to develop research projects, evaluations, and assessments in collaboration with community groups and organizations, and government agencies, such as health, safety, planning and community and economic development agencies and groups, and a variety of social service agencies in the region, consistent with the mission of the Center to produce useful knowledge in support of a better quality of life in urban communities.
Faculty and students interested in participating in or developing new UCRC research projects should contact the Director, Dr. Matthew G. Mutchler.