2018-2019 Catalog

Promoting Excellence in Graduate Studies (PEGS)

At the Graduate Writing Center for Excellence (GWIE)

LIB 4579 (research inquiries): (310) 243-2700

LIB 3524 (tutorial offices): (310) 243-3915

Website: gwie4grads.org/

Email: gwie@csudh.edu 

Established in 2014, PEGS’ GWIE is a graduate writing center dedicated to serving the entire campus community by offering programs and services that promote academic excellence with graduate-level reading, writing, and research. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to visit us throughout the semester. 
Our programs and services are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking and communication skills, as well as provide unique empowerment opportunities for academic discovery and life-long learning.                                 

Workshop Presentations & Seminar Sessions

PEGS’ GWIE programs & services include academic workshops and seminars covering a range of topics pertaining to graduate-level research, as well as the writing process. In-class presentations are also available upon faculty request. Students are encouraged to speak with faculty about their writing process.
Some topics include:
  • Graduate Level Critical Reading 
  • Generating Ideas for a Research Paper
  • How to Write a Literature Review
  • APA Style Formatting
  • Paraphrasing and Summarizing Sources
  • Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Writing Consultations 

GWIE’s Writing Consultations involve one-on-one tutorials and are designed to help students improve their research and writing skills. Students may schedule a writing consultation in advance via telephone or on-line: gwie4grads.org/.

Graduate Pathways

The Graduate Pathways program prepares students to apply for graduate or post-graduate programs. Students receive coaching, guidance and support as they:
  • Research and select prospective programs
  • Write personal statements and admissions essays
  • Apply for funding through scholarships, fellowships, and grants
  • Update their resumes and CVs

Travel Award Scholarships

Individual-Student Travel Awards and Faculty-Student Collaborative Awards promote academic development and scholarly achievement by funding domestic conference travel. This program gives encouragement to faculty and students to present their research for academic feedback.

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships fund faculty-student collaborative research projects, culminating in a co-authored scholarly publication. This program provides faculty and student stipends for those who qualify.

Student Research Day (SRD) Support

This program supports faculty and students participating in CSUDH’s Annual Student Research Day, and includes boot camps, academic intensives, small-group study sessions, and one-on-one research and writing consultations.

New Student Orientations (NSOs)

Specialized presentations are available for both undergraduate and graduate New Student Orientations.


The GWIE website gwie4grads.org/ provides students and faculty with updated information about its programs and services, as well as remote access to peer-reviewed, academic resources. We also provide students with interactive tutorials that include slideshows, as well as ways to test your knowledge of the writing process. In our blogs sections, students can access tips and checklists for writing and studying materials at a graduate level. 
Students can also register for writing consultations, sign-up for workshops, and apply for funding opportunities. Please visit the GWIE website or contact PEGS’ GWIE for additional details and information.