2018-2019 Catalog

2017-18 Basic Tuition Fees

Fees Required at Registration (per semester)*
Units Per Semester Per Quarter Per Academic Year
Undergraduate Tuition Fee
6.1 or more $2,871  $1,914  $5,742
0 to 6.0 $1,665  $1,110  $3,330
Credential Program Tuition Fee
6.1 or more $3,330  $2,220  $6,660
0 to 6.0 $1,932  $1,288  $3,864
Graduate/Post Baccalaureate Tuition Fee
6.1 or more $3,588  $2,392  $7,176
0.0 to 6.0 $2,082  $1,388  $4,164
2017-18 Doctorate Tuition Fees
Education $5,919 $3,946 $11,838
Nursing Practice $7,635   $15,270
Physical Therapy $8,598   $17,196
Other Campus-Based Fees
$70 Student Activity Fee Fall Semester
$65 Student Activity Fee Spring Semester
$165 Student Center Fee
$3 Health Facilities Fee
$75 Health Services Fee
$5 Instructionally Related Activities Fee
$175 Student Success Fee Spring 2017

*NOTE: All fees subject to change based on further action by the Trustees of the California State University and the California Legislature or the CSU Dominguez Hills President.

** NOTE: Applicable term fees apply for campuses with special terms, as determined by the campus. Total College Year fees cannot exceed the Academic Year plus Summer Term fees. The Summer Term fee for the Education Doctor at quarter campuses is equal to the Per Semester fee listed in the table. Total fees for the Education Doctor over the College Year equals the Per Academic Year fee plus the Per Semester fee for the summer term at all CSU campuses.

For summer session fees, please consult summer session Class Schedule.