2018-2019 Catalog

Credit for Transfer Graduate Work

In order to have courses considered for receipt of credit toward a degree for postbaccalaureate work taken at other colleges or universities, students must have official transcripts forwarded to the Office of Admissions and Records. The University will consider credit for work taken at another college or university only when it appears on an official transcript from that institution. A maximum of nine semester units of approved credit may be transferred from an accredited college or university for a 30-unit program. Programs with a unit requirement that exceeds 30 units may allow more than 9 units, but may not exceed 30% of the total units for the degree. Rounding up is not permitted. All approval of previous course work is at the discretion of the Program Coordinator, depending upon its currency and its applicability to the degree objectives.
The work must have been completed as a graduate student (not including student teaching), and must be relevant to the degree program as a whole.
Extension courses may apply (and will be included as part of the maximum of nine units allowable) if the transcript clearly indicates that the course would have applied toward a graduate degree at the sponsoring institution. Extension courses at the graduate level (500 level series if from CSU Dominguez Hills) may apply.
The formal request for transfer of graduate credit must be completed and approved by the graduate advisor and submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records for final review.
Transferred courses are subject to the regulation that courses for the master's degree must be completed within the five- or seven-year period at the term of graduation, as stipulated by the graduate program. Outdated transfer course work from other colleges or universities is not eligible for validation.