2018-2019 Catalog

Required Format

Students must file an Intent to Submit Form to the thesis coordinator or to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research prior to commencing work on a thesis or project.
The thesis or project report must be submitted in its entirety first to the student’s Thesis Committee and then to the thesis coordinator for final approval. Projects will normally be accompanied by a report and they will be archived in the university Learning Management System. 
The thesis must include an abstract of no more than 150 words. This abstract will be published in a California State University systemwide electronic document repository.
Specifications for formatting are outlined in detail in the "Thesis and Project Guide" noted above.
A thesis or project should be written in a formal, scholarly manner. A style manual will be used by the student, but the Thesis Committee normally decides upon the specific manual (i.e. Campbell, Turabian, A.P.A. Publication Manual, M.L.A. Style Sheet, etc.). The thesis coordinator will review the thesis or possible inconsistencies within the appropriate style manual rules and make revision suggestions.
The thesis coordinator may be consulted at any time about matters concerning format.