2018-2019 Catalog

Course Information/Syllabus

During the first week of classes an instructor is to distribute to the class members printed information about the course. This course information is to include at least the following items:

  1. Course title and units.
  2. Instructor name and availability outside of the class, include office hours, office location, office telephone number and email address.
  3. Prerequisites/co-requisites for the course.
  4. Course description
  5. Student learning outcomes for the course.
  6. Required texts and other materials.
  7. Required computer software/hardware capabilities.
  8. Computer literacy skill expectations for students enrolled in the course.
  9. A specific reference to the University Catalog’s statement regarding Academic Integrity and plagiarism expectations.
  10. Course requirements, including reading and assignments, exams and other types of assessments of student work.
  11. The instructor’s grading policy including grading scale and weighted value of assignments/tests.
  12. Policy on attendance, assignment due dates and submission of late work and missed exams.
  13. A specific reference to the University Catalog’s statement regarding accommodations for individuals with disabilities including services provided by, and contact information (telephone number and emails address) of the Student disAbility Resource Center.
  14. A tentative schedule of class meetings and topics.
  15. Explicit notations (traditional/on ground vs. virtual meeting) and location of class meetings.
  16. A schedule of all assignment due dates and examinations.
  17. A policy regarding extra credit, including a statement indicating it is available to all students.
  18. A statement of expected behavioral standards that clarifies behavior expectations, as well as the consequences of disrespectful or disruptive behavior.

The instructor will submit either a printed or electronic copy, as per department policy of the syllabus each term and for each course section the course is taught. Any substantive changes to the syllabus should be communicated in a timely manner to students and department chairs. *From AA 2015-03 Syllabus Content Policy