2018-2019 Catalog

Official Withdrawal from the University (Withdrawal from all Courses)

Official withdrawal is necessary if a student leaves the University at any time after registration and does not intend to complete the semester. The forms for initiating this process (Complete Withdrawal form) may be obtained from the University Information Center (WH D-245), from the Office of Admissions and Records (WH C-290), and on the Admissions and Records web site.

When official withdrawal from the University occurs before the semester deadline for dropping classes (Student Census), there is no record of enrollment. However, if official withdrawal occurs after the student census, grades will be assigned in accordance with the policy above on "Official Withdrawal from a Course." Students withdrawing from all courses should determine if a leave of absence or graduation in absentia is appropriate. Official withdrawals that occur between weeks 4 and 12 will result in a "W" grade, and will count against the Undergraduate 18 unit limit. Official withdrawals that are approved and processed during weeks 13-15 will not count against the Undergraduate 18 unit limit. Withdrawals in excess of 18 units cannot be processed and will result in a "WU" grade, which is a failing grade included in the grade point average and progress point computations.

A student who withdraws with "W" grades shall be classified as a continuing student for the next semester.