2018-2019 Catalog

Certificate in Mental Health Recovery (12 units)

Program Description

Human Services offers a 12 unit certificate program to prepare individuals to enter the field of Mental Health Recovery. There is a growing demand for individuals to be trained in Mental Health Recovery theory and interventions in the mental health arena.

The field of mental health services delivery is changing with new requirements for training and knowledge in Mental Health Recovery. Included in the course of study are principles of mental health recovery, intervention and strategies, and supervised practicum field experience which will allow individuals an opportunity to apply their knowledge of mental health recovery.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Completion of Elementary Statistics with a grade of C or better.

Career Possibilities

Individuals successfully completing the certificate program will be prepared for entry level positions in community mental health clinics, counseling centers, in-patient mental health hospitals, out-patient mental health centers, youth crisis shelters, substance abuse counseling and other mental health related fields which require mental health recovery knowledge and skills.

Requirements (12 units)


HUS 307Principles of Mental Health Recovery


HUS 311Interventions and Strategies of Mental Health Recovery I


HUS 368Interventions and Strategies of Mental Health Recovery II


HUS 484Practicum in Mental Health Recovery

2 units


HUS 485Seminar in Mental Health Recovery