2018-2019 Catalog

Humanities External Degree

College of Extended and International Education

Master of Arts


Matthew Luckett, Program Coordinator


The following is a partial listing of instructors who work most often with the program. Although most are full-time faculty in on-campus departments, we also utilize the talents of part-time and emeritus faculty whose years of experience and expertise teaching both on campus and through the humanities special sessions degree program make them an invaluable source of knowledge.

R. Iset Anuakan (History), Debra Best (Literature), Kimberly Bohman-Kalaja (Literature), Douglas Borcoman (Philosophy), David Bradfield (Music), Hansonia Caldwell (Music), Anita Chang (Music), Patricia Cherin (Humanities and Literature), David Churchman (Behavioral Sciences), Robert Cubillos (Philosophy), William Cumiford (Philosophy), Bill DeLuca (Theatre Arts), Myrna C. Donahoe (Interdisciplinary Studies), Kirstin Ellsworth (Art), Bryan Feuer (Humanities), Kate Gale (English), Patricia Gamon (Art), Benito Gomez (Modern Languages), Jonathon Grasse (Music), Daniel Greenspan (Philosophy), Brian Gregor (Philosophy), Judson Grenier (History), William Hagan (Philosophy), Arthur Harshman (Art), Gilah Y. Hirsch (Art), Howard Holter (History), James Jeffers (History and Interdisciplinary Studies), Jim Keville (Art), Jane Lee (English), Donald Lewis (Philosophy), Jeb Middlebrook (Sociology), Ben Mijuskovic (Philosophy), Christopher Monty (History), Joanna Nachef (Music), Helen Oesterheld (Literature), Linda Pomerantz (History), Abe C. Ravitz (Literature), Jacqueline Shannon (Music), Lyle E. Smith (Literature), Frank A. Stricker (History), Andrea White (English), Joanne J. Zitelli (Literature)

Nicole Ballard, Program Advisor

Danica Arunson, Program Associate

Program Office: SAC 2-2126, (310) 243-3743 FAX: (310) 516-4399

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Humanities offers broad interdisciplinary exposure to all of the areas of the humanities - history, literature, philosophy, music and art - and the establishment of an integrative perspective among them, with emphasis on their interrelating effects and influences. Students may concentrate in one of the five humanities disciplines or take an interdisciplinary approach to themes that can be traced across the humanities. The degree is offered entirely on an external degree basis. Students can complete all course work and graduate from the program without coming to campus. This kind of master's program is best for students who are unable to attend classes on campus regularly or those who can study independently and prefer an individualized approach to advanced education. Courses are offered in fall, spring and summer trimesters of 14 weeks each.


A B.A. or B.S. degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a grade point average of 3.0 is required for acceptance into the M.A. program.  Conditional admission with a grade point average of 2.5 may be considered under exceptional circumstances.


The Humanities External Master's Degree program offers a fully accredited degree with no classroom attendance. The master's degree is earned by completing a curriculum of courses designed by CSU Dominguez Hills humanities professors and planning and writing a capstone thesis or project. Students have the option of designing independent studies to be guided by faculty. Some courses offer the opportunity for online instruction and engagement. The Humanities External degree is offered as a special sessions program. Admitted students pay the same per unit fee regardless of their geographic residence.
The Humanities External Master’s Degree program was established in 1974 and has had students residing in all 50 states as well as many foreign countries. For four decades HUX has functioned as a university without walls.