2018-2019 Catalog


Physical Education Program Learning Outcomes

College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing

Division of Kinesiology

Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education

Degree Roadmaps

Fitness Director Option

Pre-Physical Therapy Option

Teaching Option





Fitness Instructor

Subject Matter Preparation Program

Physical Education


Michael Ernst, Division Chair

Mary Lou Cappel, Carole M. Casten, Gioella Chaparro, Scott Cheatham, Michael Ernst, Lee Hancock, George Wing, Ben Zhou

Division Office: SAC 2145, (310) 243-3761

Emeriti Faculty

Boice Bowman, John L. Johnson, Robert Pestolesi, James Poole

Program Description

Kinesiology is an academic area concerned with the art and science of human movement, with particular reference to physical, mental, emotional and social variables.


A large gymnasium, mirrored dance studio, mirrored activity room, mirrored weight training room, exercise laboratory, swimming pool, athletic training room, tennis courts, activity field and track are available for instructional and recreational use.

Faculty curriculum planners carefully monitor the academic programs at comparable universities as well as examine state certification programs to align existing programs with current trends and requirements. Additionally, they forecast future specializations. The faculty also makes every effort to facilitate the transfer of students from feeder colleges to CSU Dominguez Hills and from CSU Dominguez Hills to other universities.

Faculty keep regularly scheduled office hours and are available during those hours to talk with students in person, by telephone or online.

The multicultural campus community at CSU Dominguez Hills provides opportunities for greater understanding of a wide variety of cultural and ethnic groups. This unique social environment is invaluable for students preparing for people-oriented careers.

Academic Advisement

A. Academic Advisors

  1. Pre-Physical Therapy Option- Scott Cheatham, Coordinator;
  2. Physical Education: Teaching- Carole Casten, Coordinator; Lee Hancock
  3. Fitness Director Option- George Wing, Coordinator; Gioella Chaparro

B. Undergraduate Students

  1. New students need to download a University Catalog.
  2. Students should initiate advisement by contacting their faculty advisor.
  3. During their first advisement meeting, students will be given a copy of an advisement sheet for their academic program.
  4. Transfer students should schedule an appointment with their faculty advisor and bring copies of their transcripts and course descriptions.
  5. Each time students meet with their advisor they should bring a copy of their academic requirements printed from the MyCSUDH webpage.
  6. Advisement must be sought each semester prior to registration.
  7. Students' final advisement meeting should take place just before they file for graduation.


High school students planning to seek a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education should:

  • enroll in a physical education class each semester and develop skills in many activities.
  • participate in an interscholastic sport and/or dance production.
  • work on oral communication skills by enrolling in a speech class.
  • work on writing skills in English classes.
  • work on math skills up to, and including, Algebra II.
  • study biology and physiology. Physics is also recommended.
  • take advantage of elective classes in graphic design and psychology.
  • master computer skills including word processing and typing.
  • seek part-time employment in physical activity programs (summer camps, youth sports programs, playgrounds, private fitness clubs, recreation centers, dance studios, etc.).
  • volunteer to serve at athletics and dance events as an organizer, official, score keeper, fund raiser or assistant.
  • earn certification from the American Red Cross in First Aid, CPR, Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instructor.

If students are planning to transfer to CSU Dominguez Hills from a community college, the Division suggests taking courses that are equivalent to its lower division physical education requirements. These courses include Anatomy; Physiology; First Aid and CPR; and a variety of activity classes in Physical Education and Dance.

Helpful Hints

  1. Students should seek advisement regularly.
  2. Students should keep the advisement sheet up-to-date and bring it with them whenever they meet with their advisor. Each semester students should enroll in a physical education activity class to broaden their knowledge and keep physically active.
  3. Students should begin by taking lower division courses first.
  4. Single Field Teaching Option majors should consider additional coursework in science, math, since teaching proficiency in these areas is still in demand. It also would benefit future teachers to gain speaking proficiency in Spanish and mastery level proficiency in technology use.
  5. Majors and minors should maintain a model level of physical fitness and wellness.
  6. Students should regularly check the bulletin boards located outside the Division office for job opportunities and important announcements related to their educational goals.

Career Opportunities

A B.A. in Physical Education offers four options in the major. The Pre-Physical Therapy Option provides some of the prerequisites for Physical Therapy schools and can serve as a pre-medical preparation program. The Fitness Director Option enables students to assume leadership positions in fitness establishments in both public and private sectors. The Physical Education Teaching Option is designed for students seeking a teaching career in elementary or secondary physical education, or planning to enter graduate programs in preparation for teaching careers at the college or university levels.

Within the Physical Education Minor, two options are offered. The Coaching minor is for students planning to work as coaches in chosen areas of sports specialization. The Teaching minor qualifies credentialed teachers in other subject areas to teach Physical Education in grades K-9.

A Fitness Instructor Certificate is offered to meet the needs of individuals who are either presently employed or intend to seek employment as fitness instructors in health clubs, recreation centers, YM/WCAs or corporate fitness programs. Requirements for the certificate are based on guidelines established by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Association of Fitness in Business and Industry. The certificate can be completed independent of a bachelor's degree.

Student Organizations

The faculty encourages professional participation by sponsoring a Sports Medicine Club. The faculty also participates actively in professional organizations and activities, and encourages student involvement, which translates into a broad professional support system for faculty and students.

Graduation With Honors

An undergraduate student may be a candidate for graduation with Honors in Physical Education if he or she meets the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 36 units in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills;
  2. A minimum grade point average of at least 3.5 in all courses used to satisfy the upper division requirements in the Physical Education major;
  3. Submission of a Honors Application form to the chair of the Division of Kinesiology and Recreation.
  4. Recommendation by the faculty in the Division of Kinesiology.