2018-2019 Catalog



Caroline Coward, Carolyn Caffrey Gardner, Veronica D'Aquino, Carolyn Gardner, Kendall Hinesley, Wei Ma, Mary-Michelle Moore, Michelle Moore, Thomas Philo, Wendolyn Vermeer

Department Office: LIB C-532 (310) 243-3700

Emeriti Faculty

E. Kenneth Bennett, Betty J. Blackman, Jeffrey Broude, Elizabeth Dales, Joanna E. Dunklee, Gail F. Hunt, James F. Hunt, Naomi Moy, Sandra Parham

In addition to individual one-on-one instruction in the use of library resources, Library faculty offer both general library use and subject-specific classes day or evening upon faculty request. Sessions may be designed to meet the research requirements of a particular course or to assist with a special library assignment.