2018-2019 Catalog

Master of Business Administration Learning Outcomes

  1. To communicate effectively both orally and in written form.
    1. Traits: 
    • logic, clarity and justification 
    • language 
    • persuasiveness and overall effectiveness
  2. To solve problems using the applicable analytical and quantitative techniques
    1. Traits: 
    • identify issues and collect relevant data and information 
    • employ critical reasoning to perceive business problems and prioritize resolution plan
  3. To understand the role and effectiveness of management within an organization
    1. Traits:
    • motivation/goal setting process 
    • conflict resolution
  4. Develop skills to strategically implement a long term decision-­oriented plan for an organization
    1. Traits:
    • evidence of strategic model building skills 
    • evidence of strategic model analysis and decision making