2018-2019 Catalog

Bachelor of Arts Behavioral Science Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate mastery of Theories and Concepts from the four core theory courses--from PSY, SOC, ANT, & POL—required of all BEH majors.  These theory and concept courses include dealing with all aspects of human behavior, including dealing with diversity issues.
  2. Students will demonstrate mastery of Interdisciplinary Research Methods from the Social & Behavioral Sciences—including the development of a written research proposal and giving a presentation based on that proposal — from BEH 300
  3. Students will demonstrate mastery of an ability to integrate ideas from across the Behavioral disciplines—from BEH 300 and BEH 490. Requires Bloom's taxonomy highest level: creating.
  4. Students will demonstrate mastery of critical reasoning skills—from BEH 300 and BEH 490
  5. Students will complete a relatively simple interdisciplinary research project using two forms of research methodologies – BEH 490
  6. Students will learn terms and basic concepts having to do with various research methods across the four contributing disciplines – BEH 300