2018-2019 Catalog

Bachelor of Arts Psychology Learning Outcomes

Critical Understanding of Psychology

  • Goal 1’s objectives are that psychology professors provide clear, up-to-date information and appropriate learning contexts so that psychology majors can describe, explain and apply knowledge in the following domains:
    • 1.1 Historical events of importance in psychology
    • 1.2 The major theories and schools of psychological thought
    • 1.3 Models of the person
    • 1.4 Basic descriptive and inferential statistics. Written and oral skills, quantitative analysis, professional behavior
  • The Objectives for Goal 2 are that psychology professors will provide opportunities to learn, and psychology majors will exhibit progress in attaining an understanding of and demonstrating the ability to do the following:
    • 2.1 Explain behavior using different psychological theories or models
    • 2.2 Use the basic terminology of the discipline
    • 2.3 Understand the general underlying logic of conducting research and have a beginning applied knowledge of how to do it. Scientific method, personal and professional ethics and values
  • The objectives for Goal 3 are that psychology professors will model, and thus psychology majors will (a) be exposed to the value and worth of, and (b) describe and apply the following:
    • 3.1 Scientific methods and reasoning - 3.2 Knowledge of individual differences and diversity, including but not limited to
    • 3.2a self and others as people with a set of skills
    • 3.2b the perspectives of others
    • 3.2c studying the causes and effects of racism, sexism and other “isms”
    • 3.3 Personal and professional ethics, including academic integrity and professional codes of behavior
    • 3.4 Consideration of education and life itself to be a process of lifelong learning
    • 3.5 Some of the skills of taking multiple perspectives and relativistic thinking Scientific method, personal and professional ethics and values