2018-2019 Catalog

General Education Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Achieved the ability to engage in intellectual inquiry, to think clearly and logically, to find information from a variety of sources and examine it critically, to communicate effectively orally and in writing, to reason quantitatively and qualitatively, to understand and apply the scientific method, to make effective use of the existing technologies, and to solve problems and make informed and ethical decisions;
  2. Acquired appreciable knowledge about their own bodies and minds, including practical knowledge about their health and ways to maintain it, about how human society has developed and how it now functions, about the physical world in which they live, about the other forms of life with which they share that world, and about the cultural endeavors and legacies of their civilizations;
  3. Come to an understanding and appreciation of the principles, methodologies, value systems, ethics, and thought processes employed in human inquiries and actions, as well as applicable laws and the subjects of their protection.