2018-2019 Catalog

Special Major

Special Major Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science


Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

Master of Science Interdisciplinary Studies

Office: WH D-440, (310) 234-3308

General Description

Students who have academic or professional goals that are not easily met by one of the regular degree programs at CSU Dominguez Hills may find that the undergraduate Special Majors program or Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Major is more suitable to their unique needs and interests. Through these programs, students will integrate studies from two (or more) departments or colleges, either concentrating on each equally or choosing one department or option as the primary emphasis with the other(s) as secondary.

Both undergraduate Special Major and Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Major programs are intended to be focused, pre-planned progressions toward well-defined objectives. A Special Major or Minor student will need an appropriate advisory committee chosen from the departments involved. The program of study for either the undergraduate Special Major/Minor or the Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies Major must be chosen from the represented departments and must be supportable by: (1) courses already offered in the regular degree programs; and (2) the expertise of members of CSU Dominguez Hills permanent faculty.


There are some restrictions with regard to the Special Major/Minor. Specific restrictions are described under each program; general restrictions include the following: