2018-2019 Catalog

Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Major

This graduate option cannot be granted if the student's objective(s) can be met by regular programs offered by other colleges or universities in the Los Angeles area, nor can it be used in place of degree requirements or graduate degree programs already offered on campus.

A student working toward the Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Major is subject to the University's policies and must complete all academic requirements prescribed by the University.


For selected students, the Special Major Programs provide an opportunity to pursue an individualized course of study in order to attain a Bachelor of Arts/Science or a Master of Arts/Science Degree. Thus, such a program would enable students to cut across regular academic areas to develop an integrated major, minor or graduate option tailored to their own educational and career goals.

Each Special Major (or Minor) or Graduate IDS has a specially appointed faculty Advisory Committee. This committee works with and gives special attention to the student. With careful planning, most programs of study can be completed by attending evening and/or daytime classes.

Programs at both the bachelor's and master's level provide students with three unique features:

  • the ability to create an educationally sound and intellectually rich program of study that answers the student's own particular needs, including career needs;
  • a course of study that draws upon the diverse curriculum ofthe University yet focuses on study areas of particular interest;
  • the opportunity to work closely with a selected group of faculty advisors.

Academic Advisement


Undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Special Major or Minor should contact the Office of Academic Programs at (310) 243-3308 for more information.


The Office of Graduate Studies will assist the Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies major. Students interested in pursuing this program should phone (310) 243-3693 for an appointment.