2018-2019 Catalog

Major Requirements - M.A./M.S.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Major graduate program the student must:

  1. possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, with a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the last 60 semester units attempted (not including lower division or extension units);
  2. submit two letters of recommendation from individuals who can evaluate the student's potential for graduate school;
  3. schedule an interview with the Coordinator of the Graduate Special Major Program;
  4. submit, along with the formal application to the program, 150-200 word, typed Statement of Purpose which describes the academic qualifications and educational goals of the applicant, and explains how the Special Major will support those goals;
  5. be able to demonstrate the eligibility to take proposed graduate level courses;
  6. complete the GRE General Test and score at least 4 on the GRE Analytical Writing Test;
  7. demonstrate above average writing skills;

Degree Requirements

The Advisory Committee, which consists of at least three faculty members including the coordinator of the Graduate Special Major, helps the student prepare a program of study. The program of study must:

  1. be in support of the student's major objectives as specified in the accepted program; (If a bachelor's degree and/or background does not adequately prepare the student for the proposed program, he/she may be required to take additional prerequisite coursework before admission to the program.)
  2. include a minimum of 30 upper division and graduate level semester approved units;
  3. include a minimum of 21 semester units of 500 level courses;
  4. include no lower division courses;
  5. include no undergraduate courses in lieu of comparable graduate level courses;
  6. include no more than 18 units from any one department;
  7. make provision for a capstone activity (thesis or project); satisfactory completion of this requirement will be determined and certified by the Advisory Committee and the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs;
  8. include no more than three thesis units; descriptions of the Capstone Activity courses, signed by the faculty advisor must be attached to the program-of-study;
  9. include no more than nine units of work completed prior to approval of this program;*
  10. include no more than six units of independent study type courses; descriptions of these courses, signed by the faculty advisor must be attached to the program-of-study;*
  11. be approved by the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs, the faculty committee and the chair of the departments involved;
  12. meet all university requirements for the master's degree. Students should consult the section of the catalog entitled "Graduate Degrees and Postbaccalaureate Studies."

* Any units in excess of the maximum cannot be counted in the required 30 units.

The student's transcript will read: Master of Arts/Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in the focus or theme of study in three words or less; the use of the name of an academic unit must first be approved by the unit and the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs.

Students wishing to alter their program after it has been approved must repeat the same review process: they need to secure the approval of their Advisory Committee, the approval of the appropriate graduate coordinator(s), and the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs, prior to any change.