2018-2019 Catalog

Clear Credential Program

The California Clear Credential is the second of two credentials required for teachers who will teach in California's public schools more than five years. A credential candidate must first obtain a Preliminarily Single Subject (Secondary) or Multiple Subject (Elementary) Credential before taking course work and fulfilling other requirements (Induction Program) necessary to earn the Clear Credential.

Application and Admission

Admission Requirements

Please see an advisor for more information about the Teacher Induction Program leading to a Clear Credential.

Clear Credential- Multiple Subject and Single Subject

Semester One (6 units):

SPE 570Individual Induction Plan Development


TED 551Supportive Learning Environments


Semester Two (6 units):

SPE 571Individual Induction Plan Completion


TED 553Curriculum Planning, Implementation and Assessment


Summary of Clear Multiple Subject and Single Subject Credential Requirements

A recommendation of a Clear Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential may be made when the candidate has completed all Clear Credential courses with an overall grade point average of 2.75 with no grade lower than a C.