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Dance Option

Theatre Arts Option 


Theatre Education

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Subject Matter Preparation Program

(for requirements, refer to the English section in this catalog) 


Doris Ressl, Department Chair, Dance Coordinator 

William DeLuca, Donis Leonard, Norman "JR" Luker


Office: LCH A-109, (310) 243-3588

Emeriti Faculty

Carol A. Tubbs, Sydell Weiner

Program Description

The Theatre Arts Option offers courses in the field of acting and directing, design and technical theatre, theatre history, dramatic literature, speech, and drama for the classroom. The Dance Option offers courses in the fields of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap; dances of world cultures to include Hip Hop, Ballroom, Middle Eastern Dance, African Dance, and Latin Social Dance; choreography; dance history; and dance production. Course requirements for theatre and dance in the major and minor programs provide for flexibility and allow students considerable choice in planning their academic careers.

The Theatre and Dance Programs prepare students in all areas of theatre (Performance, Design/Tech, and Literature/History) and dance (Performance, Choreography, and Technique). Our program is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic by nature and offers a wide range of dance styles and theatre techniques to explore. The Theatre Performance Minor focuses on acting and directing, while the Theatre Education Minor doubles as both a general program and preparation for future teachers. The Dance Minor focuses on dance technique, choreography, and performance.

Students and faculty often collaborate with others in Art, Music, and Digital Media. 


All Theatre Arts Option Majors and Minors participate in the department's ambitious production program through acting; scenic, lighting, and costume design; set construction; stage management; box office operations; and the student directed one act program. Students receive academic credit for their participation.  The ability for freshman  and sophomore  Theatre  Arts majors to secure roles in a major production and receive individual attention from faculty is far more likely than at a larger university. The Theatre Arts Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). NAST is located at 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Ste. 21, Reston, VA 22090. The Department of Theatre and Dance are members of ACDA (American College Dance Association), ACTF (American College Theatre Festival), and USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology).The Dance Option offers each student the opportunity to develop creative and technical skills to become leaders in the field of dance as choreographers, dancers, and teachers in studios, private and public schools. In dance, two large dance studios are available to students. Both studios are equipped with sprung floors, mirrored walls and the main studio has ballet barres, a grand piano, and audiovisual systems. Ballet and modern classes have live music accompaniment. Ample locker and shower facilities are also available. Dance students have unique opportunities to perform in a fully equipped, modern university theatre, which seats over 400 audience members. Two dance concerts are held each year, one in each semester. There are also opportunities to perform at various campus events held throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the ACDA annual conference and adjudication concerts in the Baja Region.

Academic Advisement

The Theatre Arts and Dance Programs place great importance on the advisement process. We request that students meet with their respective advisors for consultation. To obtain an advisor, students should contact Bill Deluca or Donis Leonard (Theatre Arts Option) or Doris Ressl (Dance Option) to schedule a first meeting. Educational goals and previous theatre and dance experience will be discussed during the first advisement meeting. Based on this discussion, the progression of the student's major and minor requirements will be planned. Career opportunities will also be discussed. If transferring from a community college or another four-year university, the student should bring a copy of his/her transcript.

Dedication and commitment are the keys to the successful pursuit of a career in theatre and dance. To help students achieve high academic and production standards, the department requires all majors and minors to pass their required classes with a "C" grade or better. Students who receive lower than a "C" will need to "Repeat and Cancel" that course in the following semester.


The Theatre Arts Option strongly suggests that students wishing to major in theatre arts be able to deal effectively with the English language. Six to eight courses of college preparatory English are advised. In addition, students should have a strong background in vocal skills and basic movement capabilities. Since the theatre affects and makes use of the whole person, awareness and development of the human body and voice are equally important as the development of the human mind. Therefore, students are urged to take courses in speech, diction, singing, dance, fencing, stage combat, yoga, Pilates, and other recreational activities. In the Dance Option, it is strongly suggested that students pursuing a career in dance study ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques. In addition, students should take advantage of all available choreography and performance opportunities and view as many dance performances as possible. In addition to high school graduation requirements, the student should study art, music, acting, literature, philosophy, and kinesiology. While attending community college, students should seek choreographic and performance experience in theatre presentations and attend as many dance performances as possible. Most dance technique courses taken at community colleges in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and other selected dance styles will transfer to satisfy the lower division requirements for the Dance Option Major and Minor.

Career Possibilities

Theatre Arts Option 

Opportunities in the field of acting are expanding as a result of the establishment of year-round professional acting companies, the growth of summer and winter stock companies, outdoor and regional theatre, repertory companies, and dinner theatre. Commercial television, cable television, the Public Broadcast System (PBS), and the movie and music industry employ a large number of actors, as well as other talented personnel. Opportunities also exist in university and community theatre programs.
Related careers available to graduates include the following occupations: actor, playwright, drama coach, dramaturge, theatre historian, critic, designer (set, lighting, sound, costume), makeup artist, technician, theatre manager, director, producer, announcer, recreation director, dancer, musician, entertainer, arts administrator, sales representative, model, and dramatic agent. Professional actors have served as governor of California and even as President of the United States.
Many graduates in the Theatre Arts Option find secondary careers in the field of education. Our majors and Theatre Education minors learn how to adapt theatre games, improvisation, pantomime, and storytelling, to help their students in primary and secondary classrooms to develop social, communication, creative, and problem solving skills.

Dance Option

The Dance Option is designed for students who desire to become a performer, choreographer, or teacher. The purpose of the major is to provide students with a broad-based foundation in dance and to prepare them for graduate dance programs, auditioning for and performing in dance companies, teaching opportunities in public schools, private dance studios, fitness programs, theatre, television, industrial shows, and working in "the business." Many graduates in Dance often find secondary careers in the field of education, dance therapy, arts administration, and technical theatre.

Student Organizations

  • Toro Forensics- is an award-winning Speech team that competes annually in Public Speaking, Debate, and Oral Interpretation tournaments held throughout Southern California. Students acquire excellent training in speech support, articulation, organization, and non­ verbal delivery skills.
  • Teatro Dominguez- open to all students, provides high quality theatrical programs that inform, delight, and promote cross-cultural understanding in the Dominguez communities. As actors and directors, discussion leaders, stage managers, playwrights, and business managers, members receive a full experience in developing life skills that will make them effective leaders in tomorrow's pluralistic society.
  • The New African Grove Black Theatre Program (BTP)- provides courses, touring shows, and workshops that illuminate the Black experience for people of all ages and ethnic groups. BTP also offers academic scholarships to students interested in playing a leadership role in promoting African-American arts on campus.
  • Mosaic Dance is open to all students interested in dance. The dance company works to expand the breadth of the dance program by sponsoring master dance classes and performances.
  • American College Dance Association (ACDA)- Interested dance students have opportunities to attend the annual conference and participate in the adjudication concerts. Students will meet students from college dance programs from throughout the Baja Region, take master classes, perform in adjudication concerts, receive performance feedback, and experience dance from other undergraduate and graduate academic institutions.

Graduation with Honors

An undergraduate student may graduate with Honors in Theatre Arts if the following criteria are met:
  1. A minimum of 36 units in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills.
  2. A minimum GPA of at least 3.5 in all courses used to satisfy the upper division requirements.
  3. Recommendation by the faculty in the department of program in which the honors are to be awarded.